News & Updates

Guild Rebuild

Hallowed Be Thy Horde is back! I (Adiiciva) have returned after a much needed year long break and am looking to rebuild the guild back to where it once was! This will however take time but I look forward to it! The GM’s Positions will remain the same, Adiiciva, Ammasyllan, and Zulginatonic are the GM’s. Officer positions are unknown at this time but if you feel like a valid candidate please feel free to Apply via Apply on the website!

Thank you,


Guild Meeting

Last night we talked during our meeting we about how us Guild Masters are working on changing the guild for the better! That being said, we will be focusing primarily on RBG team 1 for the time being. Our Team Leaders for that team are, Ammasyllan, Spiritaero, and Bugenheim. If you have any questions feel free to ask them. We will be start running RBG’s again on November 2nd. We also have a new chain of command! I am no longer the lone Guild Master. There are three Guild Masters now and they are Zulginatonic, Ammasyllan, and myself (Adiiciva). We will also have two officers in the guild. Currently the only Officer we have is Spiritaero. This means that there is an Officer position available and we will be looking to promote someone based on, determination, leadership, and experience in the guild and in-game! Contact any GM if you’re interested in getting to know more about the position. We will also start to have Team Leaders for our RBG and Raid teams. These Team Leaders will be tasked with gathering their players, leading their teams and answering to GM’s and Officers about player changes, or team changes (treat it as a manager of a baseball team).

We are also asking that everyone RE APPLY if you are interested in doing RBGs or Raid teams.

The GMs of Hallowed Be Thy Horde are pushing to make this guild run better and more efficiently! We know a lot of guild members wanted a change in leadership and we heard you! Thank you for all of your patience, we understand these are troubling times but we believe its only going to get better from here!


Raid Night #3

       GREAT JOB TO OUR CORE RAID TEAM! On our second week of raiding we were able to do double the bosses we did on our first night! 4 Bosses down which means we have a chance at Xavius on Monday! Remember that Raid will now be 3 hours long starting Monday October 17. Keep up the great work guys and we will see you in the Nightmare! As always…. FOR THE HORDE!

– Zulginatonic

Raid Night #1

Very happy with our Raid team’s first night! We were able to down 2 bosses within an hour and a half. With repetition and continued persistence we will begin to blow through The Emerald Nightmare with ease. Lets keep it up everyone and as always…… FOR THE HORDE!




Congratulations to all of you who were accepted onto Hallowed Be Thy Horde’s Core RBG Team!!! Here is the list of those that made the team!


Adiiciva – Ranged DPS
Bugenheim – Ranged DPS
Juliney – Ranged DPS
Ammasyllan – DPS
Ferralize – DPS
Froggeh – DPS
IcyBish – DPS
Aelaice – Healer
SpiritAero – Healer
Rizzoto – Healer


Again congrats to all of you who made it! Many tried out and only a few made it… But do not worry if you did not make this team! Our second RBG team is recruiting now! Contact Zarreah or NycPvp in-game for info on how to become a member of their team!


Guild Update

New Officer!!!

Congrats to Ryleigh (Aelaice) on becoming a new full pledged Officer tonight! She was originally our bank master, handling all of the guilds banking needs. She made the final step up to Officer tonight after an Officer vote. She will still be in major control over the guild bank so if you have ANY questions about the guild bank contact Aelaice in-game!


RBG/Raid Team Updates

A lot of members have been asking us Officers about our Raid/RBG teams and their times. Us Officers have been working very hard to get everything put together and it’s almost all complete! We will have one Raid team running M&W 8:00-10:00 PM server time. The core RBG team will follow immediately after on M&W and will play from 10:00-12:00 PM server time. We are glad to announce that our first Raid teams and RBG teams are almost fully put together! We will announce who all made the cut in the coming week! We are also very pleased to announce that a second RBG team is being set up as well! The leaders for that team so far is Nycpvp & Zarreah! If you have any questions about the second team direct them to either of them!


New Guild Ranks

For some of you who were on tonight, may have noticed that we began to implement some new ranks… These ranks are structured specifically for our guild being a PVP & PVE guild. So far we have 8 total ranks but plan on adding the last two at some point in the near future. The Rank order is as follows.

  1. High Warlord (GM)
  2. Warlord (Officer)
  3. Core PVP
  4. Core Raid
  5. Trial-PVP
  6. Trial-PVE
  7. Member
  8. Recruit

Why don’t we break down what these ranks mean? The first two are obvious but after that not so much… Core PVP & Core Raid are the same rank. The difference is based on what team you are on. These ranks will be given to those who make the cut onto our core teams! These are very prestigious ranks and should be taken with great honor! The Trial-PVP & Trial-PVE are for those are trying out for a spot on a core team. Several people have already been given these ranks because they are on Discord every night running RBGs with our RBG leader! So congrats to them! Members are our more regular Social members. These Members are those who are making an attempt to socialize in guild and in discord! We looking forward to them being apart of our guild for a long time! Last is recruit. Recruit is what every new member will start off on. We will look for our recruits to make a valiant effort to communicate and make a contribution to the guild. If these things are done then a promotion will be well in their future!


HEY ALL! We are really appreciating the effort everyone is already putting in to being more social. We are seeing an average of about 10 people in discord a night which is GREAT! We would love to see more and more of you utilizing what we have to offer and make our time as a guild a great experience. There is usually at least one officer in Discord after 5pm server time so stop in and ask us any questions you have or just hangout with fellow guildies. We love to see our guild members having a good time and really want everyone to have a great comfortable experience. Keep on bashing skulls and crushing gnomes and as always…. FOR THE HORDE!  -Lothar