Raid Night #3

       GREAT JOB TO OUR CORE RAID TEAM! On our second week of raiding we were able to do double the bosses we did on our first night! 4 Bosses down which means we have a chance at Xavius on Monday! Remember that Raid will now be 3 hours long starting Monday October 17. Keep up the great work guys and we will see you in the Nightmare! As always…. FOR THE HORDE!

– Zulginatonic

Raid Night #1

Very happy with our Raid team’s first night! We were able to down 2 bosses within an hour and a half. With repetition and continued persistence we will begin to blow through The Emerald Nightmare with ease. Lets keep it up everyone and as always…… FOR THE HORDE!



HEY ALL! We are really appreciating the effort everyone is already putting in to being more social. We are seeing an average of about 10 people in discord a night which is GREAT! We would love to see more and more of you utilizing what we have to offer and make our time as a guild a great experience. There is usually at least one officer in Discord after 5pm server time so stop in and ask us any questions you have or just hangout with fellow guildies. We love to see our guild members having a good time and really want everyone to have a great comfortable experience. Keep on bashing skulls and crushing gnomes and as always…. FOR THE HORDE!  -Lothar


Did someone say [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]!?!?!? NO! It’s the first guild meeting for the Legion expansion. We will be discussing the future of the guild as well as establishing what days guild events will be held on and what spots we will need for RBGs and Raiding.

Wait, what? Did he saying raiding?

HELL YA I DID! We will be starting a raiding group or two in this expansion as well as focusing on becoming the best PVP guild on Mal’Ganis.  Make sure that you make tonight’s meeting and chat with the Guild admins about what it will take to secure a spot on one of our teams! SEE YOU TONIGHT! And as always…. FOR THE HORDE!