Guild Meeting

Last night we talked during our meeting we about how us Guild Masters are working on changing the guild for the better! That being said, we will be focusing primarily on RBG team 1 for the time being. Our Team Leaders for that team are, Ammasyllan, Spiritaero, and Bugenheim. If you have any questions feel free to ask them. We will be start running RBG’s again on November 2nd. We also have a new chain of command! I am no longer the lone Guild Master. There are three Guild Masters now and they are Zulginatonic, Ammasyllan, and myself (Adiiciva). We will also have two officers in the guild. Currently the only Officer we have is Spiritaero. This means that there is an Officer position available and we will be looking to promote someone based on, determination, leadership, and experience in the guild and in-game! Contact any GM if you’re interested in getting to know more about the position. We will also start to have Team Leaders for our RBG and Raid teams. These Team Leaders will be tasked with gathering their players, leading their teams and answering to GM’s and Officers about player changes, or team changes (treat it as a manager of a baseball team).

We are also asking that everyone RE APPLY if you are interested in doing RBGs or Raid teams.

The GMs of Hallowed Be Thy Horde are pushing to make this guild run better and more efficiently! We know a lot of guild members wanted a change in leadership and we heard you! Thank you for all of your patience, we understand these are troubling times but we believe its only going to get better from here!


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