Guild Rules

Hallowed Be Thy Horde’s Rules

Over the past several days we have had a lot of new members join. With that being said we DO have rules that all members need to follow. No matter what their rank is. We have five very simple rules to follow.

These rules are as follows:

  1.  Be kind to other guild members
    • MOST IMPORTANT RULE!!! We call ourselves an R rated guild. You can use vulgar language that is fine! BUT DO NOT! EVER! Target someone personally. If anything like this happens it CAN AND WILL result in removal from the guild!
  2. No Spamming Chat
    • This means no spamming twitch names, or YouTube names, includes DPS numbers.
  3.  Be Social
    • What makes a guild run smoothly is all members being social! Please engage in communication! Who knows maybe it will lead to a promotion!!! 🙂
  4.  Participate in guild activities
    • This guild has Raid/RBG nights! So take advantage of these awesome events! We also do guild activities on the weekends.
  5.  Stay active
    • Members who are offline for more than 30 days are subject to removal. Once the thirty day mark is reached you can be removed. This is to keep our numbers as active as possible.

Punishment Scale:

If these rules are broken that person is subject to punishment. We have different levels of punishment in the guild, these include:

  1. Our first level of punishment is giving a verbal warning. Normally you will only get ONE warning. But if we are feeling generous we may give you a couple.
  2. Players who continuously break rules and are apart of our Raid/PVP team will be subject to removal of team.
  3. If player continues to break rules they will be DISMISSED from the guild

Officers can and will remove players IMMEDIATELY if a player targets any individual on a personal level. We will NOT stand for that as a guild. There will be no if, ands, or buts about it! No matter how long you have been a member of the guild.

We will discuss the rules further at our Meeting. If you do have any questions please ask an Officer.

Thank you,


Keep Grinding!

As our first meeting quickly approaches many of our members are still not at 110. This is fine but remember the best chance to make our RBG or Raid team is to be at 110 and have an ilvl worthy of Raiding before September 20th. We will go over our required ilvl at this upcoming meeting. We want to make sure everyone has a fair chance at being apart of our team. But in order to do this you gotta push to be 110 and our required ilvl. We understand it’s a long expansion and life takes priority… But come on team! I have full faith in all of you!

We also will continue to keep recruiting so be aware of an increase in members! As always remember. FOR THE HORDE!!!