Guild Meeting!

We will be having our first guild meeting of the season Wednesday September 14th, 2016! Many things will be discussed at this meetings.

For all of the new members we will be discussing what it means to be in this guild! We will talk about what we expect from every member as well as what our guild hopes to accomplish moving forward.

We will also discuss new Raid times as well new PVP times. Our officers will go over team sizes as well as comps that we want to run for PVP. Remember we are primarily a PVP guild so we are putting majority of our efforts into building a strong RBG team. The way Legion works now though we are almost required to do some Raiding. Which we do not have a problem doing because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like raiding?

That being said, this is the first guild meeting since the spring and we have alot of new members. So there is a lot to be discussed. As always arrive ON TIME. Late arrival is subject to rejection to RBG or Raid teams. This is not to be rude, it’s just that there’s alot of members and very little spots so we want everyone to have a chance. Thank you so much and as always remember… FOR THE HORDE!!!