Guild Update

New Officer!!!

Congrats to Ryleigh (Aelaice) on becoming a new full pledged Officer tonight! She was originally our bank master, handling all of the guilds banking needs. She made the final step up to Officer tonight after an Officer vote. She will still be in major control over the guild bank so if you have ANY questions about the guild bank contact Aelaice in-game!


RBG/Raid Team Updates

A lot of members have been asking us Officers about our Raid/RBG teams and their times. Us Officers have been working very hard to get everything put together and it’s almost all complete! We will have one Raid team running M&W 8:00-10:00 PM server time. The core RBG team will follow immediately after on M&W and will play from 10:00-12:00 PM server time. We are glad to announce that our first Raid teams and RBG teams are almost fully put together! We will announce who all made the cut in the coming week! We are also very pleased to announce that a second RBG team is being set up as well! The leaders for that team so far is Nycpvp & Zarreah! If you have any questions about the second team direct them to either of them!


New Guild Ranks

For some of you who were on tonight, may have noticed that we began to implement some new ranks… These ranks are structured specifically for our guild being a PVP & PVE guild. So far we have 8 total ranks but plan on adding the last two at some point in the near future. The Rank order is as follows.

  1. High Warlord (GM)
  2. Warlord (Officer)
  3. Core PVP
  4. Core Raid
  5. Trial-PVP
  6. Trial-PVE
  7. Member
  8. Recruit

Why don’t we break down what these ranks mean? The first two are obvious but after that not so much… Core PVP & Core Raid are the same rank. The difference is based on what team you are on. These ranks will be given to those who make the cut onto our core teams! These are very prestigious ranks and should be taken with great honor! The Trial-PVP & Trial-PVE are for those are trying out for a spot on a core team. Several people have already been given these ranks because they are on Discord every night running RBGs with our RBG leader! So congrats to them! Members are our more regular Social members. These Members are those who are making an attempt to socialize in guild and in discord! We looking forward to them being apart of our guild for a long time! Last is recruit. Recruit is what every new member will start off on. We will look for our recruits to make a valiant effort to communicate and make a contribution to the guild. If these things are done then a promotion will be well in their future!


HEY ALL! We are really appreciating the effort everyone is already putting in to being more social. We are seeing an average of about 10 people in discord a night which is GREAT! We would love to see more and more of you utilizing what we have to offer and make our time as a guild a great experience. There is usually at least one officer in Discord after 5pm server time so stop in and ask us any questions you have or just hangout with fellow guildies. We love to see our guild members having a good time and really want everyone to have a great comfortable experience. Keep on bashing skulls and crushing gnomes and as always…. FOR THE HORDE!  -Lothar

Guild Meeting

How was it?

Last nights guild meeting was a success! We had over 30 members attend our meeting which is phenomenal! We went over the basics of the guild as well as all of the guild rules. We also discussed our raid nights! These raid nights will take place on Monday & Wednesday 10:00 – 12:00 pm. We are extremely excited to form our Raid and RBG team! Its going to be a great expansion playing with all of you! So hope you’re all ready for the fun times ahead!

If you have any questions on what is required for our RBG team or Raid team head over to our Raiding and PVP page!

Any additional questions can be directed to officers in game, discord, or through the website! Thank you and remember, FOR THE HORDE!






Did someone say [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]!?!?!? NO! It’s the first guild meeting for the Legion expansion. We will be discussing the future of the guild as well as establishing what days guild events will be held on and what spots we will need for RBGs and Raiding.

Wait, what? Did he saying raiding?

HELL YA I DID! We will be starting a raiding group or two in this expansion as well as focusing on becoming the best PVP guild on Mal’Ganis.  Make sure that you make tonight’s meeting and chat with the Guild admins about what it will take to secure a spot on one of our teams! SEE YOU TONIGHT! And as always…. FOR THE HORDE!


Guild Rules

Hallowed Be Thy Horde’s Rules

Over the past several days we have had a lot of new members join. With that being said we DO have rules that all members need to follow. No matter what their rank is. We have five very simple rules to follow.

These rules are as follows:

  1.  Be kind to other guild members
    • MOST IMPORTANT RULE!!! We call ourselves an R rated guild. You can use vulgar language that is fine! BUT DO NOT! EVER! Target someone personally. If anything like this happens it CAN AND WILL result in removal from the guild!
  2. No Spamming Chat
    • This means no spamming twitch names, or YouTube names, includes DPS numbers.
  3.  Be Social
    • What makes a guild run smoothly is all members being social! Please engage in communication! Who knows maybe it will lead to a promotion!!! 🙂
  4.  Participate in guild activities
    • This guild has Raid/RBG nights! So take advantage of these awesome events! We also do guild activities on the weekends.
  5.  Stay active
    • Members who are offline for more than 30 days are subject to removal. Once the thirty day mark is reached you can be removed. This is to keep our numbers as active as possible.

Punishment Scale:

If these rules are broken that person is subject to punishment. We have different levels of punishment in the guild, these include:

  1. Our first level of punishment is giving a verbal warning. Normally you will only get ONE warning. But if we are feeling generous we may give you a couple.
  2. Players who continuously break rules and are apart of our Raid/PVP team will be subject to removal of team.
  3. If player continues to break rules they will be DISMISSED from the guild

Officers can and will remove players IMMEDIATELY if a player targets any individual on a personal level. We will NOT stand for that as a guild. There will be no if, ands, or buts about it! No matter how long you have been a member of the guild.

We will discuss the rules further at our Meeting. If you do have any questions please ask an Officer.

Thank you,


Keep Grinding!

As our first meeting quickly approaches many of our members are still not at 110. This is fine but remember the best chance to make our RBG or Raid team is to be at 110 and have an ilvl worthy of Raiding before September 20th. We will go over our required ilvl at this upcoming meeting. We want to make sure everyone has a fair chance at being apart of our team. But in order to do this you gotta push to be 110 and our required ilvl. We understand it’s a long expansion and life takes priority… But come on team! I have full faith in all of you!

We also will continue to keep recruiting so be aware of an increase in members! As always remember. FOR THE HORDE!!!


Guild Meeting!

We will be having our first guild meeting of the season Wednesday September 14th, 2016! Many things will be discussed at this meetings.

For all of the new members we will be discussing what it means to be in this guild! We will talk about what we expect from every member as well as what our guild hopes to accomplish moving forward.

We will also discuss new Raid times as well new PVP times. Our officers will go over team sizes as well as comps that we want to run for PVP. Remember we are primarily a PVP guild so we are putting majority of our efforts into building a strong RBG team. The way Legion works now though we are almost required to do some Raiding. Which we do not have a problem doing because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like raiding?

That being said, this is the first guild meeting since the spring and we have alot of new members. So there is a lot to be discussed. As always arrive ON TIME. Late arrival is subject to rejection to RBG or Raid teams. This is not to be rude, it’s just that there’s alot of members and very little spots so we want everyone to have a chance. Thank you so much and as always remember… FOR THE HORDE!!!



Guild Welcoming


Welcome new and pre-existing guild members to our brand new site! We are so excited to be able to have a new site so that we can continue to expand our guild! Like always check this site as well as in-game Guild Info for any news or updates that may be happening. This will become our main way of getting across information to our guild members so check often! We will continue to update it more as more things happen in the coming months!

Many have asked us officers when we will be beginning RBGs again. We plan on having our first guild meeting of the season on October 5th at 9:00 pm server time. There we will discuss our plans for raiding as well as RBGs. Again we are so excited for this new chapter in our guilds life! Look forward to communicating with each and every one of you! And as always… FOR THE HORDE!