Welcome to the official site for Hallowed Be Thy Horde. A major PVP & Social Horde guild based on the server Mal’Ganis!

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Guild Rebuild

Hallowed Be Thy Horde is back! I (Adiiciva) have returned after a much needed year long break and am looking to rebuild the guild back to where it once was! This will however take time but I look forward to it! The GM’s Positions will remain the same, Adiiciva, Ammasyllan, and Zulginatonic are the GM’s. … Continue reading Guild Rebuild

Guild Meeting

Last night we talked during our meeting we about how us Guild Masters are working on changing the guild for the better! That being said, we will be focusing primarily on RBG team 1 for the time being. Our Team Leaders for that team are, Ammasyllan, Spiritaero, and Bugenheim. If you have any questions feel … Continue reading Guild Meeting

Raid Night #3

       GREAT JOB TO OUR CORE RAID TEAM! On our second week of raiding we were able to do double the bosses we did on our first night! 4 Bosses down which means we have a chance at Xavius on Monday! Remember that Raid will now be 3 hours long starting Monday October … Continue reading Raid Night #3

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